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    Ni hao,

    I wanted to open this blog with a little bit about who we are, where we are, what we’re doing and how we’ve gotten to this point. My name is Genta Hurst. I am a scientist (out of work right now), book lover, aspiring author and aspiring artist. Micah and I got married back in December of 2010. Even before dating, I knew that Micah had a dream of not just traveling to, but living in China. At first I thought it bizarre, but the more he talked about it the more I found it endearing and oddly intriguing.

    Now before ya’ll start thinking he brainwashed me (it has been accused) let me tell you my half of this decision. Even as a child I had a casual interest in Asia. Then, when I went to college and my best friend convinced me to learn Japanese with him, I fell deeply in love with Asia and specifically Japan.

    So, later, after we had been married a year and a half, Micah started talking casually, at first, about how he really wanted us to think about moving to China. I wasn’t surprised and wasn’t completely against it. Then he and a very dear friend—who long ago was aptly nickname “The Professor”—started talking about it happening sooner than later because the timing was right. To say that I was not a happy grad student is an understatement. I was working on my PhD in Clinical Psychology and just started realizing that I had a deep love for neuropsychology. Of course as anyone could imagine I was not on-board with this until I had my PhD in hand.

    Yeah so long story short, I didn’t graduate and we up and left a few months later. I’m sure you will see more about my subsequent academic journey in future blogs.

    So bottom line is that we are living and working in China and are finally able to share that with you after a few (horrible) attempts previously. I am excited to see if this blog takes off and I am hoping that I can create a community of interested people of all walks of life that desire to see what life is like for an America couple (and their wanderlust dear friend Professor).

    You will soon see that we are quirky and strange and I hope you enjoy seeing the world through our eyes. Please let me know if you ever have anything you would like to know more about or would like to see. There so many rich and deep topics to talk about in both general and specific ways.

    May the road rise to meet you.


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